Ashburn Elite Track
Long Distance 
Events: 800m, 1500m & 3000m
For practices during the week, depending on the weather conditions, we plan to provide an option for runners to practice outside. If a runner is not interested in practicing outside, we will have coaches inside as well. Saturday practices will be conducted outside for all runners unless the weather is unbearable.

Due to the demand for our programs, a some number of slots will be available on a first come, first serve basis.  The remaining spots will be available on a try-out basis where the coaches will evaluate all the athletes and select the top kids.

Youth – Ages 6 to 8th grade.  This year we will have 2 teams.

Club – for athletes that are new to track and have not qualified for a National Track Qualification.  This team will participate in local track meets in Northern Virginia.


Elite (Travel) - for the athlete that is competing on a higher level and requires a strong commitment to track.  This team is by invitation only.  The Coaches will continue to evaluate athletes throughout the season for the team and new athletes performing at a higher level will be given the opportunity to train with the Elite team. 

High School – for all High School athletes (grades 9-12).




There will be some limited sholarship opportuntities on a per family basis.
Please contact Coach Greene at ashburnelitetrack@gmail.com if you wish to participate but are finding it difficult. We understand there many different types of family situations and our goal with Ashburn Elite is to improve the situation/condition of our kids/athletes.